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Hypnosis Can Help!

Date Added: June 12, 2008 09:18:01 AM
Author: Jon Rhodes
Category: Hypnotherapy
Hypnosis can be used to improve almost everything about yourself that you can think of. It can make you more successful by improving your confidence, memory, mood, imagination. Hypnosis is often used to help people pass exams, present dynamic presentations, excel in job interviews, and stay focussed on goals. It can help combat medical problems such as skin complaints, stress, insomnia, asthma, IBS. Hypnosis can also be used to control habits such as smoking, drinking, drugs, overeating, nail biting. Or it can be used as a general relaxation aid to help us in our stressful lives. The list goes on… HOW DOES IT WORK? A hypnotherapist ‘guides’ (rather than ‘puts’) someone into a trance state. This is usually achieved by relaxation techniques, sometimes borrowed from meditation techniques. The conscious part of the mind is relaxed, allowing the more powerful part, the unconscious mind, to absorb suggestions for change. Since our habits and drives are unconscious, the results can sometime be amazing. WHY ISN’T EVERYONE USING IT? Probably for many reasons. First of all many people seem to be scared of using it. They hear stories of people thinking they are chickens, or just generally ‘under’ some kind of spell. Stage hypnotists have long since created the wrong impression of hypnosis. They simply pick volunteers who are extraverts and want an excuse to act daft. A person in a trance does not sing and dance like Elvis! Also a person is not actually ‘under’ a trance. A good hypnotist GUIDES someone into a trance. It is just as much the skill of the patient as it is the hypnotist, if not more. A trance is actually an everyday phenomenon for most of us. It occurs when you are engrossed in a book or film, or during meditation. You must allow yourself to go into trance; no-one can make you. Also you can snap out of it any time you please. If you could control others against their will, there would probably be a lot of wealthy unscrupulous hypnotists who regularly visit their bank managers! Many people may not use hypnosis because of the cost and the difficulty finding good practitioners. A lot of people are put off paying high prices for a technique they are not sure will work. It seems folk would rather pay for a physical good than for a service. People seem to feel less cheated if they pay for something like nicotine patches, rather than a hypnosis session for smoking for example. It’s probably down to our materialistic notions that ‘we have something to show for it’. However the end result is what matters. Hypnosis is known to have a far greater success rate for smokers than nicotine patches. Some people may not trust enough to use the services of a hypnotist. They may not like talking to a relative stranger about their problems, or just might not like meeting new people. However there are now other ways of receiving hypnosis through recorded media, or even down the phone. Recorded sessions are cheaper, and can be used many times for greater effect. Most of us cannot afford the services of a good hypnotist several times per week. There is a wide scope of self improvement and life enhancement, that most of us could enjoy. However, millions of people are missing out due to unfounded fear. Don’t be one of them! Jon Rhodes is one of the UK’s leading clinical hypnotherapists. Click here for his top quality hypnosis downloads Click here for free hypnosis
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