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Date Added: June 30, 2008 05:52:07 AM
Author: Shipra Kaul
Category: Other
When Apple decided to create software for media player, no one knew if it would stand a chance against so many latest and sleek technologies that already existed in the market. It was a big risk to launch a tiny MP3 player in a world where digital home theatre, DVD, walkmans, camcorders and digital cameras were established and had captured the mainstream markets. Unbelievably iPod was developed in less than 1 year with 5 GB hard drive that has the capacity to store 1000 songs. With time Apple kept refining the MP3 players look, making it the coolest and the trendiest thing to own. The initial iPod that was launched was an iPod mini, spin-off iPod photo and the screen less iPod shuffle. Later on the company introduced iPods with color displays. You can also find iPod touch which is an iPod with a touch screen and has an external data storage device. The third generation of iPod was the iPod nano which is video capable and the sixth generation was launched in 2008 that is the iPod classic. These classic models have an internal hard drive whereas the other models use flash memory. The storage capacity of each iPod depends on the model. More than 150 million units are sold worldwide making it the best selling digital audio player. iPod photo has the feature wherein you would view JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG image file formats which was not available in the previous model. Now all the models have these basic features in them. The third, fifth and sixth generation of iPod can play MPEG-4 and QuickTime video formats which the earlier version couldn’t play. Slowly more formats are being introduced in the software system of iPod which would enable it to play any kind of file format. No denying that iPod has captured the market and has established itself as the best brand of media player. To know which model would be appropriate and suit your need the most, it’s better to know all the features and functions that the model provides.
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