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What is NLP & who is it for?

Date Added: February 21, 2008 09:36:25 PM
Author: M. Patterson
Category: Energy Healing
The most accurate description I have ever heard for NLP is this: "NLP is the Art and Science of Personal Excellence". NLP as a science was co-developed in the 70's to help to find ways of modeling professionals who are the best in their field so others can use this knowledge to become as good at or better than they are/were. This is then studied further until it can be put into the most efficient format and taught to others. Through NLP Trainings these skills are presented to individuals who then use it for personal or professional development. NLP trainings generally focus on verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as direction on how to set and achieve goals for self advancement or to help others. NLP as a Practice uses these skills to help others set and achieve goals in a Coaching format. NLP Practitioners use a variety of tools/skills/techniques which were a foundation of some of the top Therapists back in the 70's (ie: Virginia Satier - Fritz Perls - Milton Erickson). Over time many other techniques and skills have been developed that enhance the art of NLP work. Over the years many of the other models have been included as well that have increased the knowledge and abilities of Practitioners to help their clients. NLP for Personal use has a large variety of avenues. From improving relationships and communication to increasing Leadership skills to improving writing and verbal skills and much, much more. In a more ‘‘layman's’’ term I like to describe NLP as a way to use what the brain already does naturally to help achieve what an individual wants - in a faster and more efficient manner than what is generally experienced. Who uses NLP: Different people/businesses use NLP for different reasons and in different ways. NLP practitioners (Success Coaches) generally use the skills they learn to help ‘Coach’ others in new directions to help them attain their goals and/or overcome obstacles in their life. From psychologists, to success coaches, to hypnotherapists to counselors and more. NLP from a Coaching aspect can truly help individuals in a way they never imagined. Speakers often use NLP skills in their delivery of speeches to captivate the audience and generate emotional energy targeted to their desired outcome. Many political leaders higher NLP ‘speech writers’ and/or NLP ‘speech coaches’ to ensure not only the words they use but the delivery of those words effects their audience in a specific way. Marketers are one of the largest industries to use NLP, and generally do so in the most covert ways. Because NLP uses the philosophy that the brain learns faster than we imagine it does; often marketers use NLP in ‘hidden’ messages and images in their delivery. Colors, images, sounds, words all impact the brain in a specific way what a good NLP marketer understands is that by studying what is MOST influential with their targeted audience & why. Often this has more to do with subtleties than overtness. NLP in sports has been a huge success, as it can often target areas that are ‘limiting’ a particular player and help emphasize areas that are key skills in a game. Many of us have heard that if you mentally practice the game vs. actually physically practice it you will generally get the same results and sometimes even better because in your mind you can ALWAYS get it right. Or how about imagining a baseball is larger than it is to ensure it is easier to hit - or a basketball net is larger than actual size to ensure you always make it. These techniques are some that are linked to NLP. NLP in education, although it is still new to the educational realm in a grade school level. Understanding what NLP can do and how the brain works can help a good teacher produces students that excel. Or can help a student who has difficulties in school begin to shine. Once our educational society catches up to new technology our children I am quite certain will excel faster than we ever thought possible. Some of the most amazing teaches have become phenomenal NLP users in their class setting. These are just a few areas NLP has helped people - often behind the scenes. NLP is truly for those who believe Excellence whether attainable or not is work striving for!!! Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, counselor, psychologist, teacher, coach, speaker, performer, athlete, salesman or business owner or whatever NLP could be the edge you are looking for to expand your field to a higher level. For more information on how you can train to use these areas in your life and/or practice please check out our site at: http://www.indigowings.com.
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